vMix Compatible Graphics & Overlays

All the graphics and overlays featured on this page are compatible with vMix software. While some of them are designed specifically for vMix, others can be used with other streaming platforms also. 

About vMix

vMix is the streaming software we recommend for PC users. While it may have a steeper learning curve compared to software such as Ecamm Live and StreamYard, in terms of features and capabilities it is unmatched - making it a popular choice for those wanting to run even the most complex productions.

As you would expect, it supports all the popular video and image formats including MOV, MP4, WebM and PNG, including those with alpha transparency. Our overlays can be brought into vMix by adding them as Video or Image Inputs.

vMix also comes with GT Title Designer, an easy to use application for creating lower thirds and other graphics for your streams. We offer templates for vMix created using Title Designer that you can customize to match your brand.

Want to give vMix a try? Get a free 60 day trial!