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3D Rising & Falling Balloon Overlays Pack

3D Rising & Falling Balloon Overlays Pack

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Celebrate special events or just have fun in your LIVE streams with these 3D rising and falling animated balloon overlays!



  1. Rising balloon overlays (10 colors)
  2. Falling balloon overlays (10 colors)
  3. Stream Deck / Loupedeck Keys
  4. PDF Help Guide.


Here's a video preview showing what the rising balloon overlays look like:

Here's a video preview showing what the falling balloon overlays look like:

Each pack includes the following colors/combinations: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, gold & silver, multicolor, red white & blue.

The overlays are designed to be placed on top of your video source but you could also place them on top of backgrounds.

If you use streaming software other than OBS, Ecamm, or vMix you can still use the animations if your software supports WebM graphics with alpha transparency and you are able to place your video source underneath the overlays.

Important: these overlays can not be used in StreamYard or Restream Studio because they do not support video files with alpha transparency.

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