Animated Timer Overlays for OBS, Ecamm & vMix

Start your LIVE streams in style with our animated countdown timer overlays! Our timer overlays are designed to be used with the timer features found in Ecamm Live, vMix, and OBS  - allowing you to adjust the duration. Choose from twelve designs and multiple colors. 

About our Countdown Overlays

Adding one of our countdown timer overlays to the beginning of your live stream can be a great way to build anticipation and excitement towards your main content. They also provide an opportunity for you viewers to chat with each other, which can help foster a sense of community.

Our timer overlays are designed to be visually appealing and engaging. We recommend appearing on screen during your countdown section, and our designs accommodate this with semi-transparent backgrounds or strategically placed cutouts.

Our animations have seamless loops which means they can be left on screen for as long as you like - though we recommend setting a duration of no longer than 10 minutes, with 2-5 minutes typically providing the best experience.

If you want to make your countdowns even more engaging, you can add some music. Our recommended source for Royalty Free music is Epidemic Sound. Get a free 30 day trial!