"Neon" Live Streaming Countdown Timer for Ecamm, vMix, and OBS

"Neon" Live Streaming Countdown Timer for Ecamm, vMix, and OBS

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Take your LIVE Streams to the next level with this neon animated countdown timer created by our in-house designer Paul Dixon!



  1. An animated overlay: a looping 1920x1080 video file (.mov format) with a semi-transparent background
  2. Done For You File: Pre-built countdown timers for vMix (PC) and Ecamm (Mac)
  3. You CAN EDIT the text "Show Starts Soon" & the LENGTH of the timer itself
  4. Tutorial Videos: Video tutorials explaining how to set up countdown timers in vMix, Ecamm, and OBS

Here's a video preview of this design. The animated circle alternates between cyan, pink, and green.

The duration of the timer can be adjusted to whatever length you require inside vMix or Ecamm, and you can change the font of both the timer and the text above. You can also change the wording of the text above the timer.

If you use streaming software other than vMix or Ecamm you can still use the animation (providing your software supports .mov), but you will need to create, and add your own timer and text. You can NOT use the animations in StreamYard.

This countdown timer has been designed to be placed on top of your streaming video so that your audience gets a LIVE preview before your actual show starts. For that reason, it includes around 70% black opacity which will darken the video below and allow the animation and clock to shine! 

You could also place a static image behind the countdown timer (instead of providing a preview) but we find we get better engagement when our viewers can see something happening in the background.

If you aren't sure if this animation will work with your software, or you have an older/lower powered machine, please try this sample

Important: You can NOT use this countdown in StreamYard.

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