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"Flow" Animated Countdown Overlay for OBS, Ecamm, and vMix

"Flow" Animated Countdown Overlay for OBS, Ecamm, and vMix

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Start your LIVE streams in style with this "Flow" animated countdown overlay for OBS, Ecamm, and vMix!



  1. Animated WebM overlays with borders (white & black)
  2. Animated WebM overlay with no borders 
  3. Setup files for Ecamm and vMix
  4. PNG backgrounds (create custom layouts)
  5. PDF guides for Ecamm, vMix, and OBS

Here's a video preview of this design (music not included):

These overlays have been designed to be placed on top of your streaming video so that your audience gets a LIVE preview before your actual show starts. They are provided in WebM format 1920x1080.

You could also place a static image behind the overlays (instead of providing a preview) but we find we get better engagement when our viewers can see something happening in the background.

The version of the animation without borders can be combined with the provided PNG backgrounds to create custom layouts.

The duration of the timer can be adjusted to whatever length you require inside vMix, Ecamm, or OBS. You can change the font to match your brand.

Important: You can NOT use this overlay in StreamYard or Restream Studio.

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