Animated Sci-fi Overlays + Countdown Timers for Ecamm, OBS, and vMix!

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Make your streams look out of this world with this Star Wars-inspired animated overlay pack for Ecamm, OBS, and vMix!


  1. Countdown animations (3 designs)
  2. Lightsaber animations with sounds (4 designs)
  3. Screen share overlays (2 designs)
  4. Interview overlays (7 designs)
  5. Single shot overlays (4 designs)
  6. Camera Frames (2 designs)
  7. Background
  8. Blue, Red & Green versions
  9. Stream Deck Icons
  10. Video tutorials & pdf guide



Here's a video preview showing what the animated overlays look like:

Here's a video preview showing what the timer animations look like:

The pack includes all these animations:


The pack includes all these stream layouts:

In addition to the blue versions above, you also get the same designs in red & green.

If you use streaming software other than vMix or Ecamm you can still use the overlays if your software supports looping WebM graphics with transparency, and you are able to change the position and size of your video/camera sources.

The overlays can be used as they are, but many of them include space at the bottom where you can add logos, comments, text, tickers, or widgets. The interview layouts have spaces for names.

Important: these overlays can not be used in StreamYard or Restream Studio because they do not support WebM animations.

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