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vMix social "Bubble" template

vMix social "Bubble" template

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Encourage interaction during your LIVE streams with these "Bubble" templates for vMix social!

This is what the design looks like using the 4K and Pro editions of vMix:

If you don't have a 4K or Pro version of vMix, you can still use the template, but you won't see the animated effect when the comments appear & disappear - this is a limitation added by vMix.

To make things easier, you will get pre-made versions of the design in red, blue, orange, purple, pink, navy, green, black, and white! If you are familiar with vMix GT Designer, you can change the color of the bubble to whatever you like. The fonts for the message and the username can easily be changed in vMix.

Comment Colors

Just like the designs that come with vMix, you can use this template to display comments from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube LIVE, and Twitch.

Please note: the template is designed to be used in 1920x1080 and can ONLY be used with vMix.

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