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NEW! Customizable Presentation Profile for Ecamm Live

NEW! Customizable Presentation Profile for Ecamm Live

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Make your webinars, presentations, and live streams look more professional with this customizable Presentation Profile for Ecamm Live!


  1. Ecamm Live Profile
  2. 30+ Pre-built Scenes
  3. Laptop, Display & iPad PNGs
  4. Animated Circles Background
  5. PDF Help Guides




The scenes included with this Profile were created using Ecamm Live features. This means you have full control over the colors, fonts, text, and other design elements - no external graphics software required.

You can quickly and easily change the main background color by editing a single shape overlay. The Profile also includes an animated circles background with transparency.


Absolutely! This Profile streamlines your production by replacing the need for running Keynote or PowerPoint alongside Ecamm Live. Instead of traditional slides, your presentation uses scenes. This has the following benefits...

  • Instead of needing to have Keynote or PowerPoint open on a different display or device, everything appears in a single window.
  • No switching between Ecamm Live and your presentation app, which makes your production easier to manage.
  • Since you only need Ecamm Live open to run your presentation, you are placing less load on your Mac.


We include Laptop, Display, and iPad graphics for showcasing your product. They have transparent cutouts which allow you to display images, screen shares, or widget overlays inside their screens.


While you can use any fonts with this Profile, we include links to download ones that we recommend (all free). This includes an icon based font called Font Awesome which is used for check marks in some of the scenes.


This profile includes the following scenes: single camera, images, titles, quotes, testimonials, screen shares, call to actions, text & timer. While the majority of the scenes include a placeholder for your camera, there are also some scenes that are designed to be used without your camera.


After downloading the recommended fonts (see above), all you need to do to get started is to double-click the provided Profile. This will load all the pre-built scenes into Ecamm Live, and then it's just a case adding your own content and, if desired, adjusting the colors to match your brand.

The included PDF guides explain how to set up and edit your Profile.

Note: This Profile require Ecamm Live 4.1 and above. You will also need to download and install a free font for the check mark icons. Stock photos not included.

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