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Holiday Graphics Pack for Restream Studio

Holiday Graphics Pack for Restream Studio

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Add some festive fun to your LIVE Streams with this Holiday Graphics Pack for Restream Studio!


  1. Animated countdown timers (30 sec & 1 min versions)
  2. Santa graphic
  3. Rudolph graphic
  4. Elf graphics (2 versions) 
  5. Snowman graphic
  6. Holiday light overlays (3 versions)
  7. Happy Holidays/Christmas overlays
  8. Animated & static snowflake backgrounds (4 colors)
  9. Candy Cane Frames (2 colors)



Countdown Timer Animation (30 second & 1 min versions)

Santa Graphic

Rudolph Graphic

Elf Graphics

Snowman Graphic

Holiday Light Overlays (multicolored, red & green, white)

Happy Holidays/Christmas Overlays

Animated Snowflake Backgrounds (red, green, pale blue, dark blue)

Candy Cane Frames (blue & green)

The countdown timer videos (MP4 format) are provided in 30 second and 1 min durations. If you would like to add music to them you would need to do that inside your video editing software.

Please Note: This pack is designed for use in Restream Studio.

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