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NEW! Customizable Guess The Image Trivia Scenes for Ecamm Live

NEW! Customizable Guess The Image Trivia Scenes for Ecamm Live

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Gamify your LIVE Streams with Customizable Guess the Image Trivia Scenes for Ecamm Live!


  1. 5x Ecamm Live Scenes
  2. PDF Help Guide




You add an image to one of the scenes and place it below a Shape Overlay that has a pixelate effect applied. Your audience has to try and guess what the pixelated image is by typing in the chat.

The winner is the first person to guess correctly. To remove the pixelation and reveal the answer you just hide the Shape Overlay with the pixelation effect.

You can adjust the amount of pixelation to make the game easier or harder.

On our own live streams we play Guess the Gear, but here are some ideas you could try with your audience...

  • Guess the famous face
  • Guess the animal
  • Guess the object
  • Guess the logo
  • Guess the video game character 
  • Guess the landmark


Everything in the scenes is editable inside Ecamm Live, which means you customize them to match your brand. We includes layouts that have your camera on the left and right, two of the scenes have space for longer trivia questions/titles, and one of the scenes is designed for two people.


All you need to do to get started is to double-click the provided file. This will load all the scenes into Ecamm Live, and then it's just a case adding your images and setting your brand color. 

Important: this product requires Ecamm Live 4.1 or above. 

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