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"Curvy" Overlay Pack for Ecamm Live, OBS, and vMix!

"Curvy" Overlay Pack for Ecamm Live, OBS, and vMix!

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Make your LIVE streams look amazing with this "Curvy" design overlay pack for Ecamm Live, OBS, and vMix!



  1. Screen share overlays.
  2. Interview overlays for 2-6 hosts and/or guests.
  3. Single shot overlays.
  4. Tutorial videos for OBS, vMix, and Ecamm.


Here's a video preview of this overlay pack. This is the navy version, but you can choose different colors using the buttons at the top of this page. 

This overlays pack includes the following layouts:

If you use streaming software other than Ecamm, vMix or OBS, you can still use the overlays if your software supports PNG format graphics with transparency, and you are able to change the position and size of your camera source.

The overlays can be used as they are, but many of them include space where you can add images, logos, text, tickers, or widgets. All of the interview layouts come with versions with and without spaces for names.

Important: Make sure to select the color you want using the buttons at the top of this page!

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