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Animated Lower Thirds with Editable Text for Ecamm LIVE

Animated Lower Thirds with Editable Text for Ecamm LIVE

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Promote your social platforms, drive viewers to your website, encourage likes, follows, subscriptions, and more with these easy to edit animated lower thirds for Ecamm LIVE!


  1. Twitter Lower Third
  2. Facebook Lower Thirds (includes like version)
  3. Instagram Lower Third
  4. LinkedIn Lower Third
  5. YouTube Lower Thirds (includes sub, like, and bell designs)
  6. Twitch Lower Thirds (includes follow & prime designs)
  7. Discord Lower Third
  8. Website Lower Thirds (with cursor and link icons)
  9. Blank Lower Third (promote whatever you want)

Here's a video preview of some of the lower thirds in action:


All of these designs are included, and you create even more by changing the text!Adding these lower thirds to your LIVE streams couldn't be easier. All you need to do is double-click any of the supplied designs to add them to Ecamm - and that's it! No messing around with Keynote or motion graphics software - the text is editable directly inside Ecamm, which means you can quickly and easily change the wording to whatever you want, and set the font to match your brand.

When you want to display one of the lower thirds you simply switch to its scene, and then you can either leave it on screen by staying on that scene, or switch back to your main scene to remove it again.

Important: These animated lower thirds are provided in Ecamm's own file format. You can not use them with any other streaming software.

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