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Animated Call To Actions For vMix

Animated Call To Actions For vMix

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Bring attention to your website, training program, workshop, products, or whatever you want to promote, with these animated call to actions for vMix!


  1. Animated square "slide-in" call to action template.
  2. Animated circular "cut-out" call to action template.
  3. 12 pre-made designs in six different colors.
  4. Video tutorial explaining how to use the call to actions in vMix.
  5. PNG of the laptop graphic.

This is what the square "slide-in" design looks like using the 4K and Pro editions of vMix:

This is what the circular "cut-out" design looks like using the 4K and Pro editions of vMix:

If you don't have a 4K or Pro version of vMix, you can still use the templates, but you won't see the animated effects - this is a limitation added by vMix.

To make things easier, you get pre-made versions of both designs in red, blue, green, orange, purple, and pinkIf you are familiar with vMix GT Designer, you can change the color of the designs to whatever you like.

The call to action text, website text, and laptop screen image can all be quickly and easily changed in vMix.

As a bonus, you can use the provided laptop graphic (PNG format) in your other graphics and marketing materials - it was created from scratch by our designer (Paul Dixon), so you don't need to worry about copyright issues!

Please note: these templates are designed to be used in 1920x1080 productions and can ONLY be used with vMix.

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