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"ORIGINAL" Stream Deck Pack for LIVE Streamers!

"ORIGINAL" Stream Deck Pack for LIVE Streamers!

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Get the most out of your Stream Deck and add some organisation to your LIVE streams with this icon pack!


  • 211 keys in 7 colors (1477 total)
  • 7 colors: red, green, orange, blue, pink, purple, and black
  • Icons for single shots, interviews and screen shares
  • Numbers (1-10)
  • Letters (A-Z)
  • Icons for lower thirds & call to actions
  • Icons for Zoom
  • Icons for webinars & presentations
  • Camera, phone, tablet and computer icons
  • Social media icons
  • Example layouts for inspiration

The pack has been designed to include options for the kinds of streams that you typically see from ourselves and our students - which means icons for interviews, countdown timers, screen shares, presentations, pet cams, call to actions, and more!

This is what just a few of the icons look like on a Stream Deck XL:


Here are all the designs and colors you get in this pack:

Stream Deck Pack

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