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Halloween Overlays for Ecamm Live, OBS, and vMix

Halloween Overlays for Ecamm Live, OBS, and vMix

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Spook up your LIVE streams and recorded videos with this Halloween themed animated overlay pack featuring bats, ghosts, spiders and more!


  1. Transparent Animated Countdown Timer
  2. Solid Animated Countdown Timers (4 colors)
  3. Happy Halloween animation
  4. Ghost animations (2 versions)
  5. Spider animations (2 versions) 
  6. Bats animation
  7. Overlays (2 versions)
  8. Animated green screen scene (4 colors)
  9. Animated & Static Happy Halloween Backgrounds (4 colors)
  10. Animated & Static Pumpkin Backgrounds (4 colors)
  11. Stream Deck icon pack



Transparent countdown timer: 

Solid countdown timers (grey, blue, green & orange versions):

Happy Halloween animation:

Ghost animation:

Spider animation:

Bats animation:

Green screen scene (4 colors):

Overlays (2 versions):

Happy Halloween animated backgrounds (4 colors):

Pumpkin animated backgrounds (4 colors):

Stream Deck icons (6 designs in 7 colors):

Stream Deck Icons

Some of the animated graphics feature alpha transparency which allows them to be placed on top of your video - these are provided in Apple Pro Res 4444 and WebM formats so that they can be used in Ecamm, vMix, OBS, and most video editing software. Non-transparent animations are provided in MP4 format which also work in the previously mentioned software.

The countdown animations are designed to be used with the timer features available in vMix, OBS, and Ecamm - allowing the duration, font, and text to be adjusted. Links to video tutorials are provided with each purchase.

Please Note: You can not use these animations in StreamYard or Restream Studio since they do not support videos with alpha transparency.

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