Animated YouTube Subscribe Button

Animated YouTube Subscribe Button

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Encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel with this animated sub button with clicking sound! 

This is what the animation looks like - make sure to turn the volume up so you can also hear the clicking sound effect.

The button is designed to be placed on top of your videos and positioned towards the bottom half of the screen so that the cursor moves in and out of frame.

For ease of use and flexibility, three versions of the button are provided:

1. 1920x1080 scaled with bottom left placement.
2. 1920x1080 scaled with bottom right placement.
3. 1920x1080 full size (for manual sizing and placement).

Versions 1 & 2 can be placed on top of your video with no adjustments needed. Version 3 can be scaled down and positioned exactly where you want it (providing your software supports that functionality).

You can also use the button during your LIVE streams, but if you use Ecamm the sound effect will be muted as it doesn't support animated overlays with audio.

Important: To use this animated sub button your software must support .MOV format files with alpha transparency.

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